An introduction to SN8

Security Network 8 has been formed as a committed group of skilled individual locksmiths to provide a high security service to the UK Government organisations, national organisations and associated companies.

By applying strict criteria for membership Sn8 is dedicated to ensuring the highest levels of skills is maintained. Only those locksmiths who have passed a recognised examination and with a minimum of ten years’ experience are invited to join this elite group. The skill level required at the outset is very high, and the Sn8 members are required to undergo continuous training and acquisition of knowledge, to provide an informed and up to date range of services. By working with the manufacturers, training will be up to date and relevant and the manufacturers will be active in ensuring that the network has access to technical help on both new and historic product ranges.
Working to strict guidelines and ethical requirements the Sn8 network will work with, and on behalf of, the client to achieve the best possible solutions to any security requirement.
Although each member of the group owns or works for a company it is the individual that is a member of the group and not the company. This ensures that, unlike other organisations, only those locksmiths who have the necessary skills, qualifications and training will carry out service and installation work, removing the possibility of unqualified staff arriving on-site

The Sn8 membership will pool resources where necessary for the benefit of the end users and sharing knowledge is an essential part of the network.

A combination of network members, who will carry out the on-site installation, service and repair work, and workshop based members whose responsibility will be the assembly of locks and cylinders, and the cutting of keys, provides accountability and integrity throughout the entire process. Third party involvement will be avoided to ensure continuity and integrity of a service provided.

The group is self regulating in skill level and integrity, and will continuously monitor work done to provide assurance to their clients served. At the same time, these ethics will be extended to participating manufacturers and their products to achieve the most cost-effective and fit for purpose security solutions.

Sn8 members will also be able to provide independent, impartial advice on third party specifications to ensure that all the client’s requirements are being met. By taking a “whole market” approach it may be possible to provide less expensive solutions from alternative manufacturers whilst maintaining the required level of security.